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intuitive readings & soul healings


hi, I'm Kelley Samantha

Intuitive Reader and Soul Healer

Welcome to my sanctuary of soul nourishment, where you can embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and a deeper connection with your inner wisdom. My Intuitive Readings and Soul Healing sessions are designed to bring you back to your highest vibration, leaving you more aligned, clear, and grounded. Here I offer a safe space for you to explore and grow. Your soul is your compass and I am here to guide you along the way.


"Intuition is the whisper of the soul"
Jiddu Krishnamurti

work with me

A journey of connection, alignment

& soul healing


Intuitive Readings


Soul Healings

"My experience with Kelley was fantastic. She was able to pick up  on exactly what was going on and has helped me to navigate a really difficult transition in my life. Rachel. VIC


intuitive readings 


If you are seeking a new perspective, having trouble making an important decision or navigating a pivotal life situation, an Intuitive Reading offers you clarity and direction while receiving specific, intuitive information to assist you in taking the next step forward.


My 1:1 readings involve tuning into your core soul frequency while receiving downloads of detailed information directly from your energy field revealing what is currently active in your vibration, what is in harmony and what opportunities are coming up. They can also uncover life patterns that may be keeping you in an energetic loop or reveal soul lessons which you are here to learn and grow from. 

Each reading is a truly felt experience and unique to the individual that will leave you feeling empowered with increased self-awareness, bringing you back into alignment with your true self.


soul healing sessions 


A Soul Healing session offers a powerful path to inner healing and self-discovery restoring your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Whether you are navigating emotional challenges, experiencing the same life patterns or ready to release unresolved attachments, a Soul Healing session will help untangle the threads and dissolve the energetic blocks at the root cause that are holding you back.

Working within the auric layers, chakras and using a combination of different modalities, my work focuses on identifying and clearing energetic imprints, releasing emotional wounds, false beliefs and negative patterns to facilitates deep healing on a soul level.


Each session will result in experiencing a much clearer and higher vibration, deepening your connection to your inner self, increased self confidence, peace and a greater sense of empowerment allowing you to feel emotionally free as you move forward in your every day life.

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Thank you for being here!

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